Monday, March 28, 2005

GROSS damn-them-all politics

marjorie says...


This is all I can say about the co-optation of this incredibly profound moment regarding death and a family’s sorrow about the passing of this woman, Terry Schiavo.

Is it not profoundly GROSS that this case has been co-opted by the anti-abortionists? It turns my stomach to see such blatant political opportunism.

These pictures of people with the word “Life” taped over their mouths are GROSS. These people are GROSS, having no regard for the people involved in this case. They have turned this man, Michael Schiavo, into their enemy, when in reality he is simply on the other side of this issue, a sad man doing a sad thing. They are simplistic gross people who cast stones from their self-constructed lofty “faith and values” perch.

Beyond the simple grossness, they are also incredibly well-organized. What we are seeing is an astonishing display of POWER. It’s the power of movement organizing - built over decades, capable of mobilizing congress and the President *overnight* practically to return to DC and attempt to undermine the court system. It reflects a general trend among Republicans towards “damn them all” politics, built on so-called universal moral values. But its “damn them all” aimed at our entire system of governance, our separation of powers, the sanctity of checks and balances. This congress and this president have the gall to speak of activist judges -- LOOK at what they just did.