Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8 -- can our global system end poverty?

marjorie says...

I've been thinking about the Live 8 concerts all weekend -- how sloganeering about "ending poverty" through donations from rich countries doesn't do much to address the actual reasons for that poverty. Really, the poverty in Africa stems from the history of colonialism and today's global capitalism - essentially, from the modus operandi of rich countries. In a capitalist system that more and more insists on deregulation in developing countries, isn't there always poverty? And if we agree this is so, doesn't poverty manifest itself on all geographic levels: local, regional, In a global sense, isn't Africa simply the most poverty stricken (and not coincidentally most dark) neighborhood in a global capitalist system?

Can we really end poverty without an adjustment to our economic system? This is a big question. I think Live 8 represents a lot of good people in the entertainment industry who are organizing themselves in a way that they understand to promote an idea that they feel passionate about -- that poverty can be eliminated. I wish they would go to the next logical step though and question how our capitalist system can allow for that. I was struggling with how to write a blog entry about this I glanced over at SWOPblogger and saw an excellent post on this very subject -- I hope you will all check it out. Karlos, I couldn't have said it better.