Monday, August 08, 2005

Hugo Chavez is at it again...

marjorie says...

If you only read the mainstream U.S. press, you’d think Hugo Chavez was an irresponsible and ‘destabilizing’ influence in the Andean region. Very rarely do you ever hear what he actually says. Well, thanks to Al Giordano at Narco News, we have a translation of remarks Chavez actually made regarding his decision to pull the plug on DEA operations in Venezuela. In addition to his assertion that the DEA was conducting intelligence operations against the Venezuelan government, Chavez pointed out that:

"It's necessary to remember that the top drug consumer in the world is the United States, and that the governments and institutions of the United States do little to stop the consumption of drugs."

He is absolutely correct here. Why is it that so much attention is paid to drug interdiction and so little to actual treatment of what is actually a health issue? We live in such a punitive society and are so simplistic. As a society, the prevailing attitude seems to be: Against the law?? Well, that drug user needs to be punished! Throw them in jail! It’s not our problem they have a medical problem - after all, everyone has FREE WILL.

Really, folks - given that drug consumption is here in the U.S., why should we blame poor people in other countries for supplying the demand that exists here? It’s right here that we need to change things. Until we do, there will continue to be a global underground drug economy.

Chavez also queried why the U.S. doesn’t go after the actual financiers and profiteers of the global illicit drug trade the same way they do the traffickers on the ground in Latin American countries:

"How strange that they don't discover it! With so much intelligence capacity, intelligence agencies like the CIA, no? It's able to divine that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!"

Hugo - you’re pretty funny.

But, he’s right. Why don’t we go after the actual companies that supply the chemicals to process cocaine? Why don’t we go after the banks that launder the BILLIONS of dollars in drug money that circulates around the globe? Because we are all a bunch of hypocrites - and we’d rather scapegoat poor drug users and small-time drug suppliers. Attacking the big guys would shake things up a little too much. And the reality is that the powers that be really like the status quo.