Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat has a poor memory

marjorie says...

Pat Robertson says today that he was simply misinterpreted--that his phrase "take him out" could mean lots of things, such as kidnapping for instance (oh, okay, Pat--what a relief--only kidnapping???). hmmm....


Well, just in case any one out there is confused, you can go back and watch his comments directly. The video is linked right here on

Not only does Robertson urge that U.S. special forces assassinate Hugo Chavez, he directly links his concerns to the mass amount of Venezuelan oil reserves. Interesting that this little tidbit didn't show up in any of the quotes in mainstream press outlets.

What could be more blatant?

Update! Christian Right Assassination Lust

‘ole Pat finally remembered he called for the assassination of the Venezuelan president just 2 days ago on live television.

And then he apologized.

Pat, I just want to say THANKS for making more friends for Hugo Chavez--he deserves them!