Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pseudo-conservatism...Marty style

marjorie says...

While I don’t always agree with Marston…he is exactly RIGHT ON about this:

“Of course, we all know that Republican City Councilors Sally Mayer, Tina Cummins, and Craig Loy are in Marty’s pocket. That’s hardly news either. But their common agenda is the promotion of unplanned, unchecked sprawl development. That’s the real dividing line here; it’s not about Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative. It’s the Marty Party, pure and simple.”

Check out Marston’s fascinating exposition on pseudo-conservatism versus the real-deal, Albuquerque style, over at the Fix.

PS. I miss Hess. Hess, won't you come back out to play?