Monday, August 01, 2005

Rove? Rove who?

marjorie says...

Am I alone in wondering where the coverage of the Plame affair went? I suppose it goes without saying that the Karl Rove scrutinizing would disappear as soon as big media had another ‘big story’ to provide cover. But, really, in this case it is SO blatantly obvious that big media is not motivated by public interest so much as bottom line profit. The week leading up to the announcement of the John Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court was wall to wall Rove. I was actually beginning to seriously consider the possibility that the media would actually stick with it. The coverage was so prominent and so broad that it seemed inconceivable that it would simply, well, stop. But that’s what it did - it just STOPPED. Overnight, it was nowhere to be found. What is up with that? We can only hope that the investigation continues to percolate sufficiently that the media will be forced to pick it up again.