Friday, November 14, 2008

Have a say about Prop 8 this Saturday

marjorie says...

If you thought the passage of Prop 8 in California, which reversed the legalization of gay marriage there, was wrong, there's a protest happening on Albuquerque's Civic Plaza this Saturday (tomorrow) beginning at 11:30am. It's part of a national day of protest.

If you wonder why people in Albuquerque would want to protest the passage of a California initiative, consider how much New Mexico money flowed in support or opposition to it. Here is the searchable database created by a reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle--you can see where the money came from nationwide. There was a lot of it. On top of the national money that flowed into that campaign, there were also organized phone-banks set up outside the state (by Mormons primarily) to support it. It's a national issue, and it was a national campaign.

I think it's completely wrong to deny people the right to marry, when marriage is the institution that defines so much about how two people join their estates in this society. Plus, in addition to pragmatic considerations it's a highly symbolic institution, and it's not good enough to do it without an official legal contract.

I'll write more later (am a little under the weather this week) about Mormons and their unprecedented foray into the political realm, but in the meantime you can check out what I wrote earlier this year about gay marriage and Mormons here.