Thursday, December 04, 2008

Giannini bitten by the gossip game

marjorie says...

Gwyneth Doland quite accurately points out over at the Independent that the "news" a la Monahan alligators isn't always the actual bona fide news.

In this case, its regarding an email sent by District 30 State Rep.-elect Karen Giannini to a few friends about the pickle she's in with her job. As it turns out, Honeywell won't give her a 60-day leave of absence, or hasn't so far. Giannini told Doland the email wasn't meant for distribution, that she sent it to a small group of people she thought she could trust, and that she was sorry to see it leaked to the press because she was still hoping her employer would compromise with her:

When contacted last night by the Independent, Giannini was shocked that the message had made it beyond its intended recipients. She asked that we not publish anything about the situation because she was working hard to negotiate a compromise at work and feared that any attention would hamper those efforts — maybe even get her fired.

But one of Monahan's alligators whispered in his ear about it so here we are. It makes me think of the gossip game. You know the whisper a sentence in someone's ear, who then whispers it into the next persons, and so on...and you see how the sentence comes out on the other side. If you've ever played the game, you know it's usually not quite accurate.

Just like Monahan's reporting this morning, when he mentions the email and says that in it, Giannini is looking for a new job:

They say she sent out an e-mail to supporters asking for help in finding a new gig so she can serve.

"They"--by the way--are the "alligators."

Way to go, Joe.

I saw Giannini's email myself--yep, it made the rounds. No, it didn't say Karen needed a new job.

There are a few lessons here:

1. Never, ever send sensitive emails. As much as I write, I don't put much in mine that might come back to bite me. This is an inculcated trait from my years living on the street (just kidding, sort of).

2. Take Monahan's gossip game with a big fat grain of salt. It's sometimes on the mark, but just as we see here--sometimes not. That's what you get with anonymity.

3. Not everyone can actually serve in our volunteer state legislature due to the enormous commitment of time required. This is something to keep in mind when considering the outcomes each year.