Thursday, December 04, 2008

Watch out...the TIDD campaign is on!

marjorie says...

I thought about scanning the SunCal direct mail piece I got the other day, but Coco did it for me. In her piece, which I hope you read in its entirety, she reminds us that we've already subsidized sprawling real estate development on the west side:

...while developers fund many improvements, a major contribution to the sprawl infrastructure of Albuquerque's westside has come from public tax dollars - namely:

What about the river crossings at Alameda, Paseo del Norte and Montano? Freeway interchanges at Coors, Unser and Paseo del Vulcan? Extension of Paseo and Unser through the escarpment? That water and sewer line extension all the way out to Double Eagle and the mattress factory?

In other words, we've already spent a lot of money helping those developers out. So why do we need to subsidize a massive, sprawling private real estate investment, again? I mean, beyond the usual suspect argument..."jobs."

Last I checked, job creation is already happening in Albuquerque without the SunCal development. Sometimes I imagine these people are robots. Otherwise, I don't get how a real estate company can send out direct mail pieces during the great recession, which is directly related to housing mortgages, asking for public money to support their new housing developments.