Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eat Drink Marry

marjorie says...

There are all kinds of things I could comment on, but all I can really think about at the moment is the upcoming nuptials of m-pyre's own Maggie Mae this weekend in Duck, North Carolina. The Outer Banks, precisely.

If after reading m-pyre all these years you hadn't clued in yet to how fabulously organized and creative Maggie is, you'll for sure get it after looking at Eat Drink Marry, her wedding blog.

Eat Drink Marry is the culprit for Maggie's absence on m-pyre lately. Obviously, she has other things on her mind. But I for one hope she keeps on over there after the fact. It's amazing, so why stop now?

By the way, Mikaela will be joining the festivities also, so it's an m-pyre reunion. One of my favorite things. She's bringing along Eric and their new family member, Umea.

Another m-pyre regular, our fabulous Gene, will be the officiant. Yes, that means he's marrying the couple!

And occasional m-pyre commentator and fellow blogger at Alterdestiny, Erik Loomis, is also making his way to the Outer Banks. There will be a few m-pyre fans from Albuquerque there as well, but since they are stubborn LURKERS, you wouldn't know who the heck I'm talking about.

I hear we are going Ocean Kayaking. Yes, capitalized. If I survive, pictures of it all will be forthcoming. And then, I promise, back to politics.