Monday, June 29, 2009

40-something in San Antonio

marjorie says...

Just got back from turning 40-something in San Antonio. Whenever I go there, I'm reminded what a great city it is--even if it is 106 degrees with 28 percent humidity.

We stayed in this seriously retro hotel called El Tropicano, one of the originals on the River Walk. Totally killer restored mid-century modern splender. They played an Elvis movie by the pool one night on a huge screen they dropped from the roof, called it the Drive-In by the Pool. My mother was stumped, because she had never seen it which totally surprised her, being the Elvis fan that she is.

The kids were out of control in the heat, and the river walk was mobbed with tourists--from the looks of it, not a whole lot of San Antonio residents go there--but it was a great time.

My dad gave me the Sam Houston army base tour, which is where he was stationed right after he and my mom got married. She lived in an efficiency apartment in an old house about a block from the base. He'd eat in the mess hall, then sneak some food over to her since they had no money. Apparently, a oujia board told them they'd find the apartment on that street--that was the last time they ever played a ouija board. They took the apartment, but didn't like it that the devil--or somesuch--told them where to find it.

Anyhow, maybe I'll post some pictures later. For now, here's a little thing...

From a Texas quotation book chapter called "Not limited by facts," comes this quotation: "Remember the Alamo". Of course, I know that saying, but was amused that I read it in a book bought at the Alamo.