Monday, September 07, 2009

Cancer and cannabis

marjorie says...

Here's a piece I wrote for the NMI last week, about the one medical marijuana non-profit in the state running out of its product. The person who've I've written about before here clued me into the fact that they had run out, and he also elaborated a little on why cannabis is seen as a medicine by so many. I was aware of the mitigating effect on nausea, pain and lack of appetite, but had not considered the issue with anxiety before...

New Mexico’s one medical marijuana producer is all sold out

According to a medical marijuana patient who has access to the secure Web site of the one nonprofit in the state producing marijuana for patients, the nonprofit has run out of its product and won’t have more available until October.

From the Santa Fe Institute for Natural Medicine (SFINM) Web site:


We are currently sold out of our inventory. Not knowing what members would like, our first crop was 50/50 indica dominant/sativa dominant. And although we are so sorry to run out, we now know that members prefer sativa dominant. We will try and adjust our proportions accordingly so this does not happen again. Also, please keep in mind that it takes 12-18 months for a smooth running ongoing production. This is especially tricky when it is a pilot project and mother nature is involved. We very much appreciate your patience.

Come October, we hope to introduce Big Buddha’s Cheese, Chocolope, and Kandy Kush to the menu. More details will come in September.

The source for this story, who wished to remain unidentified, told the Independent that if he didn’t have a producers license he’d have to risk buying it on the street — which is legal for him under state law, but dangerous because it forces him to purchase from people working in an underground economy.

“It’s not safe. You could be ripped off or killed, not to mention, it’s still a federal crime. So, say you bought some in front of a post office, you could be prosecuted by the feds,” he explained.

Still, he’s come to rely on medical marijuana as he makes his way through a debilitating chemotherapy cancer treatment regime, so figures most of the state’s medical marijuana patients are taking those kinds of risks.

“It significantly helps all of the serious side effects I’ve told you about… like relentless nausea, extreme anxiety, and loss of appetite. It also helps me sleep, which is good,” he said.

He doesn’t blame the dispensary for running out, though, saying its the state’s fault for not devising a better system for producing marijuana that meets the demand.

“Why are they limiting the ability of people to produce when its clear so many people in the state really need it,” he asked rhetorically.

You can read the rest here, including information about the prices of medical marijuana in NM. I'll have a follow-up piece soon I hope.