Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday m-pyre quiz

Mikaela says:
Well this should give you a little glimpse about what we're talking about behind the scenes.

  • Healthcare? Nope.
  • Why Democrats don't just call the Republican bluff and let them try to filibuster? Not even a little.
We're talking shoes, people! We invite you into our little tet-a-tet with this challenge:

  • Who out there can match the shoes with the girl?

The 3 ms bought the following 3 shoes, but the question is - who bought which?

P.S. - Don't you just love shoes? We do!

Shoe #1: Born Miriam

Shoe #2: Born Lewisa

Shoe #3: Softwalk Montego

Regardless of the answer, do we have good taste, or what?