Saturday, August 24, 2019

U.S. Racism under Trump Administration

American Institutional Racism: Societal patterns and structures that are designed and implemented to systematically oppress people of color on the basis of their race or ethnicity while conferring benefits to people who are white (especially those with the additional privileges of being male, Christian, heterosexual, tall, able-bodied, educated, rich and attractive).

Want to see a Portrait of American Institutional Racism? Look at this graph.

We've been a racist country since our founding. The racism has been implicit and explicit in waves.

This is a tsunami.

Can Democrats stop it? Will anyone among the Republicans cede power to side with justice against this blatant discrimination?

Please note that the racist outcome of more federal arrests of non-citizens than US citizens was true BEFORE Obama took office. It looked like the the trendline reverses direction in what looks like Obama's 2nd term. Then note the exponential climb toward disproportionate injustice for people of color under Trump's leadership. Then go write some letters or join a protest or volunteer for a campaign or at least GO VOTE.