Thursday, October 13, 2005

Honoring Marjorie: An m-pyre Birthday Tribute

Maggie says:
Marjorie is the most committed woman I know. She’s like a lion that makes the rest of us look small and wimpy by comparison. Her passion for justice spans advocating for youth in Albuquerque to advocating for poor countries on a global scale. She is ferociously serious – except when she’s not, which is the fun of being her friend. Marjorie will switch from railing against the WTO and capitalism in one breath to talking about Texas and quilt collecting in the next, and that is exactly why I adore her. There is nothing quite like seeing her huge blue eyes flame up in anger about politics and then start twinkling when someone mentions skiing. Ah, Marjorie. Sage. Prophet. Lovely, wonderful person who makes me laugh and laugh. Marjorie can almost always make me feel frivolous by comparison, not because she means to, but because she’s just that good at what she does, which is thinking critically, taking on the world in her head, and confronting issues big and small right here in town via local protests. As merely one of Marjorie's extensive fan club, I salute this Texas gal with all my heart!

Here’s Marjorie doing her thing for the last twelve months:

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