Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Plan B -- Plan Ahead!

Mikaela says:
There are amazing articles at the Duke City Fix and Bitch Ph.D. today about pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions for Plan B, the emergency contraceptive.

Just remember that this drug is to PREVENT conception. It does NOT abort fetuses; it PREVENTS fetuses (and therefore, abortions for unwanted pregnancies).

Apparently Albuquerque has a significant percentage of pharmacists who refuse to dispense Plan B. GuestBlogger uncovers where and why and offers information about how to stock up so you don't get screwed after ... well ... getting screwed.

Bitch Ph.D. offers commentary on the hypocrisy of religious leaders in Arizona who say on the one hand they support Plan B in rape cases while supporting pharmacists who won't dispense it.

This is such an important issue for women's reproductive rights, as Plan B has the potential to reduce the pain and trauma of abortion and the lifetime consequences of unwanted children.

Let's also remember that attempts to force women to carry unwanted children does not just show a hatred and fundamental disrespect of women but also full intention of perpetuating a system of perpetual poverty for low-income and minority communities.

(For more on this, see the Rights' argument about minority women needing to "keep their legs closed" and Chapter 4 in Freakonomics, which links the lowered crime rate in America with access to abortion after Roe v. Wade.)