Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Preponderance of Bad News for Bush: i.e. Banner News Day for US

Mikaela says:
A quick look at today's headlines signal bad things for Bush (good things, perhaps, for the rest of us):

  • Rumors are flying that Cheney might quit over the CIA leak, taking Rove and Scooter with him.
  • Supreme Court Nominee Miers anti-abortion stance has been outted -- and conservatives STILL don't like her
  • Yet another hurricane of record force bears down on Florida while a recent report from Purdue University cites greenhouse gases as the cause of recent extreme weather
  • CIA director Goss continues to lose directors and experts at the head of the agency to the point where the Senate is calling him in for a behind closed doors to explain why the CIA is losing leadership and staff during a war and as things heat up all over the globe, including a discussion of what he plans to do to stem the leak.
  • Recent testing shows little improvement in public education despite No Child Left Behind. This coupled with recent calls for the need of an educated populace in order to maintain our economy strike me as serendipitous and may at least stimulate a conversation about whether we, as a nation, continue to support public education (and why we MUST).
White House of cards. Earth's moving. Wind's picking up.

May someone better be ready to pick up the pieces and help repair what has been torn asunder. Nominations?