Thursday, October 13, 2005

Honoring Maggie: an m-pyre birthday tribute

Mikaela gushes:
Maggie is m-pyre’s link to the real world. Ever grounded, ever diligent, Maggie sees the world through her own prescription real-but-rose-colored glasses. Where the world sees a glass half-empty, Maggie sees room for change. Her wise optimism and unfailing courage shore up m-pyre’s tendency toward morose despondence. She writes devastating critiques and useful directions for improvement in minutes – posts that would take the rest of us a good solid week to write, if at all. Her constant energy and unflagging efforts to right the wrongs that she sees clearly without blinking or whining or tiring at the thought of their bigness or complexity make her an asset to whatever community she fights for, from m-pyre to school to the entire South Valley. Impeccable, conscientious, and fierce in her standards for herself and those around her, Maggie is a task master, make no mistake, but her work is all but unassailable. She’s the fire that drives her collaborations. And did I mention fun? This girl can move from searing political commentary to jeans/ass assessments without missing a beat. She’s the all-round, all-terrain, all-wheel-drive vehicle that takes you anywhere you wanna go. You always wanna go with Maggie; she makes every place she goes the place to be.

Maggie is such a natural writer, with clear insight, incredible analysis, and warm humor. Just sample her range: from warm and fuzzy to eviscerating to patient doggeded persistence. She's local, she's national, she's movies and music, and more.

  • October 2004: Maggie makes even me care about the Red Sox
  • November 2004: Maggie shows full-spectrum, from loving her some community thanksgiving to telling us exactly what we lost – or didn’t lose – in the national election
  • January 2005: What Maggie sees is simply amazing. Why Dean is the right choice for the DNC. Maggie cuts through the hypocrisy of EPA “strong woman” who failed
  • February 2005: Maggie takes on Wal-Mart
  • May 2005: Maggie fights for women. Maggie to New York Times editor: “Wanna know what a woman thinks? Ask one.” On misogyny and women’s health. Special May bonus: Maggie to Marty: "shove it."
  • June 2005: In fine ranting form, Maggie asks about Republican Kansas State Senator Kay O'Connor, “Will Someone Destroy This Woman, Please?”
  • July 2005: On Independence Day, Maggie so wants to love America unreservedly!
  • August 2005: Maggie sees future Iraqi vets in alleged recent murderer Jason Kearns in ABQ. With cutting local election analysis, Maggie takes Eric Griego to task.