Thursday, October 13, 2005

Honoring Mikaela: An m-pyre Birthday Tribute

Maggie says:
Mikaela has the quickest wit I’ve ever seen, a brain that will probably explode one day with all the stuff crammed in there, and a value system that never quits. She’s like my nerd-twin separated at birth, and for that reason I will always adore her charming anal-retentiveness and know just how she feels when she can’t control a project that she knows she could do better than those doing it, or when she’s faced with the incredible difficulty of letting go and letting things be. That’s hard for us A-types. Hard. I’ll also be forever in awe of her way with words, the power of her voice, and the way she’s this totally unique, wry, comforting, generous, smart-as-hell person who has a way of just leveling you with her words. Mikaela’s a powerhouse, laughing at herself one minute and looking right into you and telling you just what you need to hear the next. If you've never seen Mikaela facilitate a community meeting or teach a class, you are missing out, because she just lights people up. She's a human lightbulb. She rails against the status quo and the Christian right with the same ferocity that she purports so-honest-it-hurts dialogue. And she gives great hugs. Mikaela is my cup of coffee and comfort food all at once.

Go get yourself some Mikaela wisdom from the past year:

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