Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4th Birthday: M Requests...

The Ms ask:
What's in store for the next year on m-pyre? Here's what each of us are hoping to learn from each other in new posts throughout the year:

Mikaela would like to see posts from Maggie on:

  • What the latest economic crisis will do to affordable housing in our cities... and what we should do about it
  • Pairing up (pardon the pun) her favorite celebrities with her favorite shoes... Who looks like which shoes and why?
Mikaela wants to see Marjorie post about:
  • The new political landscape for the Mormon church... and the subtleties of how that may play out for its members
  • A play-by-play of movie-watching with her family... who thinks what and when?
Maggie thinks Mikaela should take a stab at:
  • How to reconcile the loads of pale pink baby clothes she's bound to receive with modern notions of girlhood and motherhood. I will need guidance!
  • Can a brilliant mind watch dumb tv without hearing that inner "you're too smart for this" monologue? If not, how to shut it off? If so, what's the filter like? Discuss!
Maggie wants Marjorie to detail:
  • The future of labor in the landscape of a Democratic Washington and a decidedly new economy, where nothing is what it was.
  • The imaginary dinner party she would host with special guests Emma Goldman, Gram Parsons, Jane Austen, and Lyndon B. Johnson, and just what they would discuss.
Marjorie wants to hear from Maggie about:
  • The urban planning landscape of Dallas, from her vantage point in a private sector planning practice. How does the city stack up when it comes to transit, is there a community-based planning world in the big D, what are the power nodes? Please, do tell.
  • A reflection about the life transitions of a mobile, young professional in the United States--juggling the freedom to pursue career moves with the pull of a highly rooted family.
Marjorie wants Mikaela to tell us:
  • How faith and politics intersect on the left, and where are the commonalities between her faith based community and those evangelical groups we hear so much about on the right.
  • Is it possible for a mile-a-minute, high achieving woman to "have it all"? Regarding this perennial question, I'd like to hear about the challenges, through the lens of Mikaela.

What about our readers? Do you have requests for us? What would you like to read here in the next year?