Monday, November 03, 2008

(Updated) Alire Garcia explains Journal endorsement: It's an "Opinion of One"

marjorie says...

Update: Former Abq. Journal Writer & Editorial Board member Denise Tessier has now also added her description of Journal editorial decisions, which you can read here. Tessier also included a description of the 2004 endorsement of G.W. Bush--as it turns out, the recommendation from the editorial board at that time was to endorse Kerry or to decline to endorse. But the "corner office" went with Bush.

Before I dash back out to the doors this afternoon, here are a couple of things for you to read.

First, NMI Managing Director David Alire Garcia explains the Abq. Journal endorsement of John McCain. David was on the Journal editorial board for many years, as it turns out, and makes a strong case that the endorsement is the "Opinion of One" -- that of Abq. Journal owner Tom Lang. Truly, it's a must read.

Then, if you're interested in my meager offerings, please check out the story I put together about Salvador Montes, who voted for the first time this year. I've known Salvador for years, and really enjoyed chatting with him about why he became a citizen this year. And I was surprised by what he said...that it was due to an increasing sense of insecurity and fear of deportation--even though he's held a permanent green card since the 1980s.