Friday, October 14, 2005

deconstructing m-pyre

distinguishing ms:
We three ms
of left orient are

  • thinkers (unanimous)
  • radicals (on a sliding scale)
  • irreverent iconoclasts (relatively)

moments of doubt
ms rally strength from different sources
  • marjorie looks first to Marx, then Chomsky, then Emma
  • maggie looks to political leaders – national, local, dead guys
  • mikaela looks to the poets – any with good answers (questions) and better grammar

the end of the world
each m faces east resolutely
  • marjorie will post pictures of apocalyptic fire
  • maggie will cook our last meal
  • mikaela will brood to see what she could have done to prevent it

a qualitative method
and political-blog strategy
  • marjorie cuts left
  • maggie shores us up from the side
  • mikaela rails from the bottom

the place m-pyre makes
even when ms return to where they came from
  • marjorie dances with Texas
  • maggie beachcombs North Carolina
  • mikaela spews ash from long-dead Albuquerque volcanos

all of them
ms to the last
gentle and firm
  • independent
  • strong
  • women

pointing the right direction
to anyone brave enough to ask