Thursday, October 20, 2005

Of Yams and Yam-ness

Mikaela says:
Well, Marjorie's off yamming it up in Texas at the annual Yamboree in her hometown. SUCH a Yam Queen!

I'm hoping she'll do some on-the-spot reporting. I'm REALLY hoping she delves into the race issue, describing for us the picture of parallel universes of black and white coexisting and converging around this small-town square. She's got a doozy of a story about a "race riot" that took place one year, but even the every-year descriptions of how black and white people live together -- not segregated but not integrated, either, are fascinating and important because it's not often talked about. It's typical life in small towns in the South, yes, but how much different is the picture from our big cities, really?

Well, I say that and then post this little gem: There's a yam-cam. Yes! It's true! Your own little window into this Yam World! Wanna see for yourself? Click here and enjoy.

Now let's wait for the inside scoop from our m-pyre observer... Marjorie? How's it lookin?