Monday, October 29, 2007

three seers: mikaela looks ahead

Rounding out the last week in our birthday month, I have the honor of being the last to offer m-pyre's third birthday congratulations.

Having seen this year the fruition of m-pyre's original inspiration, I feel so blessed to be part of this cyber-space where three interesting minds, and even better, three friends, can share their best ideas, intuitive insights, crazy activities, pet peeves, and major fears.

So this year, not only do I have things I'm looking forward to, I also have predictions about my best girls -- or maybe they're just hopes.

For Maggie, I see a deeper level of integration, where there's no more chasm between love, work, and play -- where the interstices between them get sewn together with her sunny optimism and steely integrity. She's walking competence, and this year is her year to shine in all her many orbits.

Personally, I'm waiting for her posts on the following:

  • Those issues that Democrats with a big 'D' should move to the left to stand up for -- the real progressive issues
  • Campaign coverage, splicing and dicing so we understand the history, the platforms, and the hope
  • Hometown changes, through a planner's eyes, as well as a girl who's doing her best to move closer to home, job by job
  • Can Dallas be considered part of the southwest? What's southern? What's inexplicably Texas?
  • With more distance from Albuquerque, what begins to explain this place at the core, as the details fall away?
  • And of course, shopping, cooking, reading, office politics, and other daily details of life.
For Marjorie, this year bodes big changes. She moves into her power this year. Where before she's been trying to finish things up, this year she begins with all her ducks in a row, lined up like little rubber yellow soldiers ready to do her bidding and take on the world.

So as for what I'm looking forward to reading from Marjorie, here's the list:
  • Local fights, what's at stake and what's to gain.
  • Local politics, who's doing good and who's doing bad for their constituents and for all of us
  • Book reports as she works her way through the classics, because, as she said to me last year, "I won't let myself get to the end of my life and have to say I didn't read. How ridiculous would that be?" Agreed. What are you reading next?
  • The Quilt Wars. How it works, who's who, who's scamming, and where does that supplier get all her quilts? What are the ins and outs of ethics on African American quilts? What does that tell us about how we value race? How does that influence what we consider artistry? What does authentic really come to mean in this foggy context?
  • And umm, what are those things you can't overlook when dating?
Mostly, though, I just want to hear about my friends, because although I live with Marjorie, we all spend more time on-line than we do with each other, even when Maggie lived here. And the older I get, the less I do phones.

So friend to friends, here's what I hope we all write for each other to share:
  • Our latest hopes
  • Our latest loves
  • Our growing dreams
  • What's made us stronger
  • What's made us more beautiful
  • All the ways we miss and love each other as the months and years go by.