Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Even MORE yummy NM politics

Maggie says:
It's really exciting for national political chatter to focus on NM for a change. Talk is everywhere about Pearce and about the Democratic players today. A Draft Udall website urges the Northern NM rep to get in the race while the gettin's good. Still no word from Denish, whose hold on the Governor's race gets better the longer everyone else decides to run for office elsewhere. Big Bill's still out, and getting annoyed that folks keep asking him to jump in. Lately I think he's better off in the cabinet anyway... I don't think the Senate holds enough, uh, spotlight for the esteemed governor. Chatter about NM 01 is heating up, too, where Martin Heinrich may have more company in the primary than he'd bargained for, and in a big way. That's going to bring up even more Democratic soul-searching if it comes down to supporting the early front-runner or a showy late entry... yikes. It's the "Anyone But Marty" election cycle in my view, with Senate, House, and Governor's races chock full of intrigue and folks around the country tuning in.

Who in? Who's out? Who should be? Who shouldn't be?

Such a soap opera... I love it!