Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another Admission: I Got Married

Mikaela says:
So October must be admission month. Not only do I admit that I follow the Britney trainwreck, I also guiltily admit I got married.

For a girl not always a fan of marriage as an institution, this took a huge leap of faith. As I tried to explain to those who were surprised at my willingness to join the legions of those I watched from a safe distance, "While I'm nervous to be married, I have no fear about marrying him."

And it's true. I'm happier now than I've ever been in a relationship before. There's something that's incredibly moving about being with someone who has chosen me, who has signed up to stay in the room to talk through every fight -- until the day comes when one or both of us may be better served walking out the open door. A child of divorced parents, I have few illusions about what a bad marriage can do to two people, and I have everything to learn about what a good marriage can give to each other and everyone around us.

There's a whole story about the craziness that we asked everyone to sign up for in order to witness our union -- a day-long treasure hunt for starters, a walk up a volcano in wind, rain, and hail, a two-hour hiatus to get changed and warm and return, and then another non-traditional wedding ceremony in which blessings from the crowd were half the fun.

All-told, though, it was my dream wedding: everyone there showed exactly how much it meant to them to be there to support us, and no one there could harbor any illusions that we were entering any kind of traditional bondage. It was definitely a union of love, for us and for our family and friends.

I don't have good photos (yet), but rest assured that when I do, they'll be up here first.

Here's to happiness wherever we find it, even in marriage!