Monday, October 22, 2007


Maggie cheers:
The Sox are going to the World Series!!!! What a weekend, and what a series! I have nothing but absolute respect for the Indians, who are a fantastic team and challenged the Sox in every way possible. But oh MAN am I pumped about this win! So deserved, and so amazing for Red Sox Nation!!!!

Saturday night I "watched" the game via text message updates during the Yamboree, right on the town square in Gilmer, and last night I cheered over a dinner of seared tuna from my living room couch. Turns out eating funnel cakes while casually getting homerun updates on my phone is much less nerve-wracking than tuna with the game right in front of me. ;-)

The World Series starts Wednesday, folks, and the Rockies are an incredible story this year. Get ready for some great baseball!!!