Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marty Chavez and his "Miscommunication"

marjorie says...

I've really enjoyed reading Joe Monahan's blog over the past couple of weeks...he's got a great sportscaster style, and on occasion there are some great original quotes thrown in. For instance, take the bit about Marty Chavez and his potential "problem" with the progressive block of the Democratic party (you know..."us") from yesterday:

"Chavez did not offer any specifics to me Tuesday night on how he plans to win over the progressive wing, He said there has been a lot of "miscommunication."

In his blog, Joe cites a SurveryUSA poll showing potential percentages in various match-ups for the Senate seat, to demonstrate Marty's "problem." But that's a little misleading actually because to be fair you'd have to point out that others also have this problem. Look at the far right column to see how the "liberal" respondents say they will vote in the various hypothetical races. According to this poll, Marty Chavez isn't the only one with a problem, both Patricia Madrid and Don Wiviott have one as well (the two who are well in the clear with the progressives, of course, are Tom Udall and Bill Richardson).

In light of this poll, it deserves to be said that, as a progressive who does have a "problem" with Marty Chavez...

I would never, ever vote for Heather Wilson or Steve Pearce, or any of the Republicans for that matter. As I've stated on this blog before, there's a much bigger picture to consider and it will (probably) be a cold day in hell before I vote for anyone representing the current Republican party.

Regarding Marty Chavez and his "miscommunication" ...

Bulldozing that road through the Petroglyph National Monument was not miscommunication. It was a calculated decision to support the big plans of big land developers. He isn't a progressive, first, and he compounds this by acting like a pit bull with a bad temper when he meets disagreement. When it comes to his current plans I don't think Marty wants or plans to pursue real rapprochement with any of us. He's going to slice, dice, and count his numbers. Would I vote for him? As in...let him take my vote for granted? What do you think? I can tell you this...the primary is where its at in my book. So I hope all you progressives go join up.