Friday, October 05, 2007

Playoff Fever!!!!

Maggie says:
Baseball in October can be horrific or amazing, and so far it's pretty damn good. We've got the Sox and the Indians up one game over the Angels and the Yankees in the American League. There was a dramatic run in the National League, and the Rockies are doing surprisingly well, much to the outrage of every Mets fan who's watching the Phillies in their spot instead. I want the Cubs to get it together, because for the life of me I'm never going to be able to view Arizona as a legitimate place for baseball (did the Diamondbacks just switch their team colors and uniforms to increase souvenir sales or what?!). Plus, every Sox fan should root for the Cubs. It's just good karma.

But wait... I glossed over the most important news item:

The Sox are up! The Nation is optimistic! And the Indians are kicking the Yankees' ass for us!

I love October.

PS: is the epicenter of Sox coverage.