Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More NM Senate numbers than you're ready for

Maggie says:
Even in my current pre-coffee state, this is still cool enough to get excited about. Check it out:

SurveyUSA Election Poll #12737: 10 Possible Head-to-Head U.S. Senate Pairings Tested for Domenici NM Seat

I love surveys that disregard who's officially in and out and just match them all up. Nothing's final until Richardson bows out of his presidential bid, anyway. So what are the chances of the seat remaining Republican? Here we go!

  • Horrid Heather Wilson loses to Tom Udall by 18 points and Bill Richardson by 27 points. She beats Marty by 4 points, and ties Patricia Madrid in a rematch.
  • Steven Pearce loses to Udall by 18 points and Richardson by 24 points. Udall beats Marty by 21 points and Madrid by 16 points.

So in other words, Udall or Richardson need to get in this race, fast. I wonder if numbers like these might make Udall reconsider? And if not, what would it take to convince Richardson? Iowa and New Hampshire? And finally, somewhat good news to those of us shuddering at the thought of progressives having to face voting for Marty Chavez. Another Dem's going to be compelled to announce, and soon.

What do you all think?