Monday, October 31, 2005

Iraq Timebomb: 2,000 American deaths and counting

Mikaela says:
New York Times has beautiful page of American soldiers killed in Iraq -- pictures and personal details that help to remind us of the human cost of this war.

In this sea of lies and deceptions, this truth stands very stark, very undeniable: We're sending soldiers to their deaths. We're not improving the situation for Iraqis. Things are not getting better. People continue to die.

The stated mission for invasion was a lie. The next stated mission has not come to pass: democracy in Iraq is still a sham, still in shambles. And the latest stated mission -- peace in the Middle East -- was dealt another blow with the recent bombing in India.

We're outsourcing terror faster than we can deploy troops (which this week hit the highest level in Iraq at any point during the invasion or occupation).

The following cartoon was created by Mike Luckovich for the Atlanta Constitution Journal 10/26/05, printed enlarged so that you can read each of the 2,000 names of the American soldiers killed. You can print a full-size version with legible names here.

What can be done? Anyone got a bright idea? Cause I'm in the dark, and all I can see is tragedy and cowardice. Who will lead us into the light and toward peace? What will it take to change the tide?