Saturday, November 01, 2008

Forrester Halloween 2008: Villaraigosa & Heinrich pay us a visit

marjorie says...

Another Halloween on Forrester has come and gone. As ever it was a madhouse!
Here are some pictures:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Democratic Congressional candidate Martin Heinrich came knocking early. Martin's two boys got some candy and Eric & Mindy got their picture taken. That's me, Mikaela and Eric paying attention to the kids in the background.

Here's Mikaela manning the candy--those are the pumpkins she and Eric carved. And on the right is one of the neighbors houses. Lot's of lights on Halloween, and it's always a party.

One of my neighbors likes to pull out these spooky dolls in a highchair.
It freaks me out so I can only imagine how the children feel.

Here's Rick and Bernadette Miera's house (the Mieras are the Halloween ringleaders on the street). If you look closely, you can see Rick on the porch. You can also see the books that one of our County Commissioners, Alan Armijo, was handing out. One of our other County Commissioners, Teresa Cordova, was also on hand. Teresa comes to Forrester every year for Halloween, and she usually dresses up in a way spooky outfit. This year was no different--why didn't I get a picture?!

Yep, this was pretty predictable!

View from the street of my house.

Mindy and Mikaela handing out candy to the hordes.
Thanks to everyone who came and helped out!