Monday, August 22, 2005

Note to Eric Griego (and YOU)

Maggie says:
Dear Eric,
So yesterday's Journal shows that you're way behind Mayor Marty, he who would turn our town into one big sprawl wasteland while his cronies reap in the profits. You're WAY behind, Eric. Marty has 40% and you have 13%. Undecided? 30%. Go and get them. Campaign hard and fast, because guess what? There's not much time left, and lots of us are counting on you to get Marty the hell out of office. You're lucky that we despise Marty as much as we do, you know - that's a major uniter of all of us. Plus, your City Council record is a good one, and there's lots going on in this town that could benefit from some progressive leadership. But we're worried, because 13% means there's a long way to go. Are you ready for it?

In other news that I hope lit a fire under your desk chair today, the Journal says that 61% of Albuquerque voters are planning on supporting the minimum wage ballot initiative. 61% is a lot. Pretty shocking, I'm sure, to the Chamber types who thought they could ride out this election with a Marty win and a wage increase defeat without too much sweat or money on their part.

The fact that there's already a clear majority supporting the minimum wage increase is a great sign for you, and I hope you capitalize on it. Those are your voters. Those are that undecided 30%. And the issues need to be made very clear. What's at stake in this election is huge. Do you understand how clearly we see that? So please don't let us down. Please work your ass off. Please, please, please win.

61% are already natural supporters of your candidacy. Make sure they realize that before Election Day, or we're all in trouble.

PS: And to the YOU that this letter was also addressed to, really I mean US. We need to do our part, too. That means volunteering. Marjorie and I had a blast door-knocking for Commissioner Córdova, and are planning on doing the same for Griego. Go to his website and sign up. Because this challenge is one that we need to meet, too.