Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Poetry in pictures

Maggie says:
I know, maybe you out-of-towners are saying, "What in the world? Has m-pyre been completely sucked in by poetry? Isn't that more an m-pyrical topic?" Well, yes and no. That's kind of our point. Albuquerque was overtaken with this incredible spirit of change last week - Pika summed it up beautifully here - and now we're full of restlessness wanting to harness all that energy and excitement. But maybe our words haven't captured how moving the week was - how it actually was all about movement. Maybe these photos (all from this LostWays Gallery) can help explain.

The Providence team in Robinson Park. This team was really powerful. So is their message.

Every venue looked like this inside - it was amazing!

And downtown looked like THIS.

I love this picture - it captures so much of what last week was about.

More action on the streets. They were ALIVE with energy!