Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Side by Side

Mikaela says:
So it appears that our newspapers' reticence to show any actual violence or pain extends beyond Iraq to other hot spots in the world. Most notably today: Israel, where settlers and soldiers are locked in struggle over the remaining moments of occupation of the Gaza Strip.

This from today's Washington Post:

The headline: Hundreds of Settlers Evacuated From Gaza
Police and soldiers slowly but methodically begin removing settlers in emotionally charged scenes played out in homes and streets in Gaza Strip.

The photo:
"It becomes an extension of you. It's like a window to your soul," says Jason Berkowitz of his iPod. (Lucian Perkins/Post) The iPod Love Story

To iPodders, the irresistible, indispensable, irreplaceable iPod is a personal memory bank.
– Jose Antonio Vargas

The missing quote:
"Nope, there's nothing wrong with the culture of consumption in the U.S. Oblivious to the world's problems? How can you say that? The bands I listen to are totally political. "