Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bolting from Bolton

Mikaela says:
In answer to Marjorie's post below, the next best latest and greatest story is Bolton. I just love how they keep us running from fire to fire, each bigger than the last, the others forgotten even as they burn our asses off.

Barbara Boxer is the best at generating "click here" protests and outrage. I've had a ball tailoring my own responses to whoever she decides needs a deluge of form letters.

Here's the Bolton memo to Bush with my own additions in italics:

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Subject: I protest your appointment of John Bolton

Dear President Bush:

I strongly object to your recess appointment of John Bolton. And I heartily object to your single-handed abuse of power and blantant disregard for democracy.

If it was so important to get an ambassador to the U.N., why not pick a less controversial figure that the Senate could actually condone?

To send such an individual as controversial as John Bolton to be our representative to the world will only undermine our efforts to win friends and allies at this critical time.

It also shows true hypocrisy to choose someone by fiat to play the part of a "representative" of our nation. How can he represent America when he was only sent by you? He can only ever represent your interests, but ... I guess you knew that. Must be what you intended in the first place. Thanks a lot. I guess the American people will need to find our own representative to send.

Your Administration stonewalled the Senate when it requested critical documents to shed light on Bolton's activities at the State Department.

Further, John Bolton did not tell the truth in a statement to the Senate that he swore was truthful -- relating to being questioned by the Inspector General in his investigation into false claims that Iraq attempted to buy yellow cake uranium from Niger.

Can't your Administration ever admit it made a mistake?

This continued effort to put politics ahead of the national interest will not be forgotten by the American people. We can only hope YOU will.


Mikaela Renz