Monday, August 22, 2005

A Simple Letter

Mikaela says:
The power of mothers is growing at Camp Casey. If nothing else, their rhetoric is gaining in power of persuasion.

Two mothers walked up to the barriers blocking the entrance to Bush's vacation home in Crawford, Texas. They tried to give the letter to a secret service agent, but he would not accept it. Instead, they dropped it on the ground and covered it in flowers.

They asked the agent to relay a message to the President:

BEATRIZ SALDIVAR: I want to say to President Bush one thing, okay, and in the name of Cindy and all the mothers, that letter that's laying there with those precious flowers on top is laying there. Our soldiers when they killed -- get killed in Iraq, the men next to them, the other fellow soldiers, picks up their body, their pieces. Sometimes the bodies are not recognized. Sometimes they come back in one piece, and sometimes they have their eyes open and they're dead. We ask you, President, to have the courage to pick up that letter. It’s just a simple letter. We cannot pick up our sons and daughters and husbands and nephews, but you can -- we cannot bring them back alive, but you can have the courage to pick up that letter and talk to this nation and the world. The whole world is listening.

A complete transcript can be found at Democracy Now.