Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rey Garduño for District Six: He's Running Clean!

marjorie says...

A good friend of mine, Rey Garduño, has announced his campaign for the District 6 City Council seat.

Rey is running a "Clean" campaign, which means he is undertaking a series of steps outlined through legislation to qualify for public financing of his campaign. Once he's successfully qualified he will not accept any private money to finance his campaign, including his own family money.

As a private citizen, Rey has been a strong advocate of clean elections legislation and ethics in government reform bills. I think its very fitting that he would now run for City Council utilizing the clean elections rules. In addition to his work in this area, I can attest to the strong progressive values that Rey holds and hope you will all take a moment to read more about him on his website.

For those of you living in District 6, I have another strong request: support the concept of "clean elections" by contributing $5 to Rey's campaign by the last week in May, which will qualify him as a "clean" candidate. The rules state that a candidate has to turn in just under 300 signatures with accompanying $5 contributions by the end of May in order to qualify. Let's all do as much as we can to ensure that all those who want to run clean campaigns are able to do so by meeting this benchmark. In fact, you can contribute the $5 to any and all candidates who are running in your district...because this is about ensuring that everyone is able to compete for office, not just those who have access to the big moneybags.

How can you contribute? Well, you can track me down because I have some of the forms. Or, you can contact Rey directly. In fact, he is having a "signing party" this Saturday. Please see below for a note from him and details about the signing party. And, please pass this information along to everyone you know who lives in District 6!

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters of Rey Garduño for City Council District 6:
We are moving forward at a steady and measured pace with The Clean Elections process. We turned in to the City Clerk about a third of the necessary signatures and contributions on Tuesday the 15th; albeit, they need to be vetted. This is great; now, we need commitments from all of us to get at least five (5) of our friends and neighbors to come to a “Signing” Party at my house at 414 Vassar, NE in the UNM Campus (Directions below) from 10am-12pm this Saturday, May 19th
What is this signing party you ask? Quite simply it will be a centralized place where we can ask folks to sign the qualifying form and contribute $5 to democracy. This will qualify me to run as a clean candidate for City Council District 6 this fall, and not have to take campaign contributions from special interests. It is most urgent that we gather these signatures as soon as possible, our deadline is May 29; having begun the process now I can take the forms on a weekly basis to verify the signatures. The sooner we have 271 qualifying signatures the sooner we can begin the campaign and formulate how we are going to improve on the good initiatives already in District 6. Furthermore, we can build a framework cooperatively with the rest of the city to make this a great community.
Thank you in advance for your dedication to Democracy, to our community and my campaign.
Gracias, Rey Garduño
414 Vassar NE: From Girard at Campus [street between Central and Lomas] you would go West on Campus into UNM campus turn North or right onto Vassar, the first house on the right is 414 Vassar).