Sunday, February 19, 2006

Joey Cheek!

Maggie gushes:
Am I the only one completely head over heels for Olympic speedskater Joey Cheek?

Olympic athlete... whatever. Gold medal winner, silver medal winner, and still more races to go? Very nice.


donating all of his prize money to Darfur refugees? I am SOLD!

That's $40,000 and counting.

"What would I do with it?," he said during an NBC interview. "Probably just spend it on something stupid."

Cue the self-effacing grin. Cue the fluttering hearts of many a female Olympic fan. Cue the "What's going on in Darfur and where the heck is that, anyway?" conversations around many an American dinner table.

And did I mention that this guy's a North Carolinian?