Monday, February 06, 2006

Latin America News Review

marjorie says...

We occasionally highlight other people's blogs that we today I want to point you all to our friend Justin Delacour's Latin America News Review. We've had a link to his site on our sidebar since he first created it, but for awhile he wasn't doing much updating. But now he's finally kicked it in and is updating on a regular basis.

Yes, it's not really a blog with daily commentary by Justin. But if you know Justin you realize what a great service this blog is. Justin is famous among his friends for finding the best news sources and sending them on. He saves us all a lot of work. If you get frustrated with how much wading through the corporate press you have to do to find good analysis about Latin America, this is definitely the blog for you. And, even better, Justin on occasion will post his own articles. Just in case you've missed his writing in the past, here are links to some of what he's had to say over the years:

Printed in FAIR's Magazine, Extra, at the end of 2005, this article succintly describes U.S. media bias against Hugo Chavez.

From the Narcosphere, a compendium of essays from 2003-2005.

On Znet, in 2004 Justin describes how an Echo Chamber works--great stuff.

On Counterpunch in 2004, Justin goes after shady pollsters.

On Znet, an essay in 2002 about the triumphant return of Hugo Chavez from a failed coup attempt.

From Common Dreams in 2000, here is a great essay opposing Plan Colombia, a plan that ramped up U.S. military intervention in that country.

And in Eat the State back in 2000, more commentary on Plan Colombia.

Keep writing Justin--and we'll definitely keep reading!