Friday, August 11, 2006

ABQ Slams Austin

Mikaela says:
You should be following this shit!

Our very own Albuquerque Slam Team has taken Austin by storm so far in this year's National Poetry Slam, where they seek to defend ABQ's champion title.

  • On our way to the competition, the team stopped in San Antonio to cut their teeth on a smaller slam stage. And we won.
  • On the first night of Nationals, we came in first in our bout, with a score that left us in 11th place overall.
  • Thursday night, we came in second to Denver, but that still keeps us in the running for the Semi-finals tonight.

Team Semi-Finals

Ruta Maya Ego's Hideout Antone's 501 Studios
Albuquerque Atlanta/Java Monkey Brooklyn Austin/Ego's Baton Rouge
Charlotte Austin/Southflavas Dallas/Clearview Columbia Hollywood
D.C.-Baltimore Berkeley Ft. Worth Denver Miami
Hawaii Chicago NYC/LouderARTS Omaha San Jose
NYC-Urbana Houston NYC/Nuyorican Providence Seattle

I'm thinking: Duke City Sweep, baby.

Our team can bring back the trophy for one more year. Beating Charlotte in the semi-finals would be a sweet, sweet revenge. Remember Charlotte? They of the slavery X arms standing in defiance and bad sportmenship as our 17-year old poet performed? Yeah, them. Would be nice to do well, wouldn't you say?

Everyone send slam vibes their way, wouldja?

Oh, and keep track of their progress here.

You can catch up and learn more about this year's team in a great Trib article here.

Your Albuquerque Slam Poetry Team 2006:
  • Hakim Bellamy
  • Age: 28

  • Damien Flores
  • Age: 20

  • Lee Francis IV
  • Age: 29

  • Jessica Lopez
  • Age: 28

  • Esme Vaandrager
  • Age: 18

  • And the coach:
  • Kenn Rodriguez
  • Age: 37