Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guv, say it isn't so! Conference Committees need to be open

marjorie says...

Heath Haussamen tells us that the Governor is actually considering veto'ing the conference committee bill that opens those meetings to the public--even though he previously promised to sign it:

“The governor has concerns about what appear to be major loopholes in the
bill,” Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos wrote tonight in an e-mail. “…The
governor is taking his time to scrutinize the bill.”

not what Richardson said on Thursday when asked by a reporter during a news
conference if he would sign
House Bill 393, sponsored by Rep. Joseph Cervantes, D-Las Cruces, should it pass the

Richardson said at that news conference. The bill passed
the Senate
that night on a vote of 33-8.
Guv, say it isn't so!

Veto'ing this bill would be a really bad move. New Mexico needs greater transparency in politics, and this bill is a crucial step in that direction.

You can tell the Governor what you think by calling 505-476-2200, or emailing him.