Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tidd Wars

marjorie says...

On occasion, there are priceless moments in the blogosphere. One such moment came this morning when I cycled over to Monahan to see what fodder he was throwing up from the pool of anonymity he wades in. Lo and Behold, under a heading called "No Domestic Tranquility," he's got an Ad against the SunCal Tidds. It's a black box saying "Bail out Suncal? Get Real" and it takes you to this website.

Too bad Joe didn't have a little pro-bono spirit working--he could have run it right next to the banner Suncal Tidds ad he's had at the top of his site forever now.

Suncal has run a massive lobbying campaign to get their TIDDs--with television, billboards, direct mail, radio, and internet ads all pointing to their website,, which then directs people to communicate with their legislators in favor of TIDDs for Suncal. It's pretty fancy--they have forms, sample letters, you name it.

In a letter to the Santa Fe New Mexican, published today, Suncal representative Vanessa Alarid responds to what she calls a "recent paid political ad campaign against development by our group" by saying its been well-demonstrated that TIDDs work and that all the facts are at And she concludes that some people are "pulling against prosperity."


I don't know when not being in favor of massive--literally MASSIVE--tax subsidies to wealthy developers became synonymous with being "against development." It certainly is not.

And fyi, doesn't actually contain much in the way of facts--as in, the kind that demonstrate that $800 billion given to SunCal will give us something we couldn't have gotten without it. It's pure P.R. Go see for yourself.

Not to mention, do we really want to pave over that 55,000 acres? Check out that multi-media spot on their website--it's scary.