Thursday, December 29, 2005

ABQ Represents at the Nuyorican

Mikaela says:
News flash not-quite-so-hot off the not-quite-presses:

Hakim Bellamy, Albuquerque's city champion, has taken the Nuyorican by storm. That's right, our adopted son won his first poetry slam at the preeminent poetry venue in the biggest of big American cities.

He'll go on to compete Friday against the big boys and powerful girls in what I have to hope is a real competition.

The shocking thing for me was that the rest of the contestants last night were soooooooooo bad. ABQ, I'm telling you, most of your talent could have come here and won last night, which is not to detract from Sir Bellamy, cause he rocked the house. But ... there was some baaaaaaaaaad shit last night. Not sure if it was an off night or what, but Jesus. I know I'm an opinionated bitch, but holy bad metaphor, bat man. Horrible!

On the upside, it was totally cool that by a major fluke, Hakim just happened to decide to descend from New Jersey to try his hand at some poetry NY style. And here I am, innocently on vacation in the big apple seeing the sites, of which the Nuyorican is an indispensable part.

I'll try to go back and see our boy on Friday and tell you how he does. Let's all keep our fingers crossed and send him our best love, with the spicy hot that only our chile love can send.