Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Remember our b-day love?

Maggie says:
It's funny what lingers and what doesn't. I get more comments about the series of birthday posts we did for m-pyre's first birthday than anything else that's ever been posted on the blog. The comments usually fall into one or both of these camps:

  • I love how much love you guys have for each other!
  • Men could never write about each other that way. Why not?
As of today, the infamous birthday posts are linked up on our permanent sidebar (look under the archives) as a testament to the fact that A) we really do love each other that much, B) we've grown up! (kind of), and C) because they act as an archive of sorts, where we picked out what we most liked about each other's writing for our first year. So have at them. And just think, we're well on our way to birthday #2!