Friday, January 20, 2006

Not my Laura!

Maggie says:
I love when folks unknowingly give us windows right into their marriage, especially Republican ones. Check out this AP wire story, with my snarky comments inserted in italics:

Wife Won’t Seek Office, Bush Says
STERLING, VA – The Senate may be the place for some former first ladies, but President Bush on Thursday categorically ruled out a run for office by his wife, Laura Bush [Anyone else troubled by Bush ruling this out FOR his wife? He wouldn’t dare let her make up her mind HERSELF, I guess…].

“She’s not interested in running for office. She’s interested in literacy,” Bush said during an appearance at JK Moving & Storage [Have his appearances declined in their sex appeal or WHAT? I mean, JK Moving & Storage?!].

The topic came up as the president took questions from the audience after a speech on the economy. A woman asked if Mrs. Bush would ever run for Senate from the first couple’s home state of Texas, and Bush responded “never” – twice. [While chuckling and making eye contact with other good ‘ol boys in the audience, a grimacing Bush signals to his fellow men, “Isn’t this silly woman’s question just so charming and funny? We don’t let our little ladies run for office!”]

He also declined the woman’s plea that he at least ask Mrs. Bush if she might be willing. [The shock and horror of having to ASK his own wife if she’s interested in a career of her own! “No sir, not me. Not in this lifetime. Not this God-fearing Texan!"]

“I’m pretty certain, when I married her she didn’t like politics or politicians,” he said. [“I mean, it’s kind of hard for me to remember back that far, and I was doing coke all the time then, but I think she didn’t like politics. And when she said she didn’t like politicians, she wasn’t talking about me, I’m just the good ‘ol boy doing God’s work here in office. She meant the real thinkers and talkers like that John Kerry fella. Now that’s a politician. I’m just a family man trying to keep my wife on a short leash…”]