Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Headed up north

Maggie says:
After as intense a workweek as I've ever had (70+ hours, hundreds of community members, and a few dozen pissed-off developers thrown in for good measure), I'm heading up to Santa Fe, Taos, and Angel Fire for a few days with my family, who are visting from North Carolina.

Who knows where the roads might lead us in Northern New Mexico, to me one of the most beautiful places in the world. I'm thinking our adventure will be blissfully news-free, but knowing my dad and me, we're bound to get riled up about something once we get going, so I just might have to check in here and say hi.

We'll be back in town Friday for the School of Architecture and Planning's graduation ceremony, where you can find three certain Ms walking across the Kimo stage as "masters" at last. Only one of us will be wearing a cap and gown, though; the other two are much too cool for that look.

Later that night, a certain bar in town will be host to an M3 graduation party like none other. If you're out and about and hear rowdy cheering, cheesy toasts, political ranting, and nerdy planning talk, it's probably us. Who else could it be?

Have a great week, everyone. :-)