Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Latest Question We're Not Asking

Okay, I admit I've been out of it.

But the little I've heard about the latest immigration uproar surrounding Bush's proposal to put National Guard troops along the U.S. /Mexico boarder for "security" reasons seems woefully insincere.

We're used to Bush lying to us about his reasoning in order to get what he wants. The press is still stinging over Colbert's indictment of its inadequacy from global warming to the Iraq war. So do we have to do it again now?

Clearly, Bush wants to pander to those racists wanting to stop immigration from Mexico.

Okay, that's self-explanatory, but for us not to call his bullshit when he couches it in national security is outrageous.

Last time I checked, the foiled terrorist plots took place at the Canadian border, not Mexico. So why are we not rushing to station troops to our northern border?

And if we don't need to (and of course we don't need to, nor is it feasible), then what's the reasoning again? Oh right, jobs or something.

Once again, I'm so exasperated at our media who seems to have the hot line to the Minute Men founder for quotes about his opinion but can't seem to check any of the facts he spews.

In some interview on NPR last week, he said people on the border are "living in terror" about being attacked. Really? Let's check that out with a telephone poll! Or even anecdotal interviews.

What about actually checking the statistics about how much money is spent on social services to illegal immigrants versus the cost of manning every inch of borderland. Let's do a cost-benefit analysis. I'm all for it.

And then let's have a discussion based on facts and decide what our moral stance is here.

Let's all stop letting the Right frame this argument any which way and actually question their claims. Hold them to their arguments. Make our own.