Monday, October 09, 2006

It was HAHDcore

Maggie survived...
...barely. Being a bridesmaid for a rock-star couple like Nancy and Dennis is tough on your energy... not to mention your liver. As proof, here's my list:

You know you've been part of a rock-star wedding weekend when:

  • The rehearsal dinner is two nights before the wedding - instead of the night before - because the groom has a gig on Friday
  • At said rehearsal dinner, the mother of the groom urges everyone to drink it up on her dime
  • On the night before the wedding, the wedding party goes to see the groom's band The Larkin Brigade play at TT the Bear's in Central Square
  • Burlesque dancers entertained us in between acts at the show
  • On the wedding day, champagne starts flowing at 10 a.m.
  • The raucous "party bus" to the reception featured loud chanting in rhyme while pounding the roof of the bus
  • The wedding photos were taken in a South Boston alley. For real.
  • The reception was '80s-themed: '80s band in black with white ties, band-themed tables, and not one bad song
  • The groom sat in on drums with the band
  • We were kicked out of the reception after we drank our allotted amount and someone smuggled cases of beer in from the outside
  • There was a planned after-party in Dorchester... one reception was simply not enough
  • We were kicked out of the after-party, too (Don't ask)