Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vote whenever/wherever, but VOTE!

Maggie says:
Today's the day that Bernalillo County voters can begin to vote. Now personally, I'm a day-of kind of gal. I love the energy, the excitement, and the anticipation of Election Day... it's a ritual that makes me happy, tailor-made for my optimistic sensibilities.

But for lots of folks, early works better. So, you can vote now at the County Clerk's office, starting on October 21 at Early Voting sites around town, or at the polls with me on the 7th. Can't decide which day's right for you? Maybe this will help:

Vote NOW on the 6th floor of the City/County Building if:

  • You'll be out of town or too busy to vote on the 7th and want to get it over with
  • You just love visiting the County Clerk's office
  • You're really, really excited about voting Halliburton Heather out of office NOW
Vote starting October 21 at various locations if:
  • It's easier for you to vote while running errands than it is to take a special trip
  • You're in the mood to visit one of Albuquerque's many and varied strip mall shopping centers
  • You plan on getting that obnoxious "I'm not voting for Wilson or Madrid" friend drunk enough to see the light and vote Democratic... but need to get their vote cast before they sober up.
Vote on November 7 if:
  • You're single and think voting is sexy
  • You want to write nerdy blog posts on the 7th about the mood in the air, accompanied by cheesy voting pictures
  • You still don't know who to vote for (what is wrong with you, anyway?)
  • You're planning on making a day of it: a full morning of reading election coverage, an afternoon of voting and scoping out the voting vibe around town, a dinner with political friends anticipating the returns, and a party that night built around "refresh" buttons on your computer, local TV coverage, and cable for the national races
PS: What ever happened to those fun "I voted" stickers, anyway? Does anyone give them out anymore? I love those things!